Sermons by Rumualdo Gonzalez

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What race are we running?


What race are you running with God? The one where you’re racing to serve him and give everything up to him? Or the one to try to get something from God by trying to manipulate him?

Find out in today’s lesson!



In today’s lesson, Associate Pastor Rumualdo dives into the topic of Wisdom, where to find it, and how to receive it.

Joy In The Trails


As children of God, sometimes we wonder why we go through bad situations or troubling times. Associate Pastor Rumualdo shares with us that we should have joy in our trails because we will grow stronger in our faith from them.



In today’s lesson, Associate Pastor Rumualdo dives into the topic of Transformation and what it truly means to go through it. Join us as Rumualdo shares with us the story of James, Jesus’ Brother, and how he went through a major Transformation.

Bad Days


Being a child a God doesn’t exempt us from having Bad Days. Associate Pastor Rumualdo explains in today’s lesson that sometimes our Bad Days can be trials or tests from God to strengthen our relationship with Him.

Do you believe IN God?


There are lots of times where we believe God has the power and strength to take care of everything, but for one reason or another, we believe IN Him less when it comes time to give up our problems to Him personally. Associate Pastor reminds us in today’s lesson that God can handle everything you need him to, all you have to do is trust Him and allow him to take control.

When God Calls, Follow.


There are many moments in our life when we feel God is calling us out to do something, but for one reason or another we hesitate. Today’s lesson is about following God’s plans and to trust Him in giving you everything you need to see it through. No excuses. Join us as Associate Pastor Rumualdo shares with us many stories from the Bible that go along with today’s topic. To learn more about God or our church, visit us at

How do you actually get to Heaven?


Many people believe that action and words are what enable us to get into Heaven, but God’s word says that it’s actually transformation. Join us in discovering God’s word as Associate Pastor Rumualdo dives into today’s lesson!



Associate Pastor Rumualdo explains how Anxiety can consume your thoughts, damage your health, and worst of all, reduce our ability to trust God. See what the word of God has to say about anxiety and worry.